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On the occasion of the association’s establishment

The 1st edition of the journal issued November 1966
The First JFA president, Masao Yoshida

I would like this meeting to be a place of spiritual exchange for people who share the joy of playing the flute. It is nothing more than that.

I believe that only people with a beautiful heart can have a truly beautiful sound.

Let’s play the flute in order to improve ourselves. Also, we should help each other as soul mates.

There seem to be many things that this association should do for this purpose, in order to help bring people together. I am also making efforts. I hope that each of you will also help just a little for this purpose. Let’s make our life happier and beautiful through playing the flute.



It was established in 1966 as the only organization of cultural exchange for professional flutists and music lovers in Japan, centered around the president Masao Yoshida.



Every two years, professionals and amateurs gather from all over Japan for a large-scale celebration of the flute. There are competitions, lectures, clinics, concerts, and exhibitions by flute makers.


We support flute festivals held in various places in Japan.

International exchange

We take part in cultural exchanges with foreign flute associations and players.

Summer School

Held once a year in Shiga Kogen, many participants come from all over the country.


There are 6 issues per year (February, April, June, August, October and December)

We send substantial information to our members, such as information about the flute, musical knowledge, projects, concerts, and materials for study.