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The 21st Japan Flute Convention in Kawasaki 2023

Main Programs and Performers (Subject to change)
There are four categories: Solo, Piccolo, Alto Flute, and Ensemble Award.
Preliminary rounds for Solo and Piccolo are judged online through video submissions.
Please refer to this page for competition details.
On August 17 (Thursday), preliminary rounds will take place in all categories. These will not be open to the public. The results will be shared via the convention venue, Japan Flute Association website, Facebook, and other social media platforms.

■Opening Ceremony & Opening Concert
・Opening address
・Conducted by Mayori Fujita, Showa Music University Flute Ensemble
JAKO (Japan-Korea Flute Ensemble)
  featuring Soyoung Lee, Joohee Lee, Hidaki Sakai, Shigeko Tojo, Mari Nakano and others.

NHK Symphony Flute Quartet: Hiroaki Kanda, Masayuki Kai, Junji Nakamura, Maho Kajikawa
Concert by the winners of the 19th Japan Flute Convention and Grand Prize Group of the 2022 Ensemble Contest
  [Solo Division 1st Place] Kie Ishii
  [Piccolo Division 1st Place] Narumi Okubo
  [Ensemble Award Division 1st Place]
   Flute Quartet Mebuki Sumi, Yu Matsuoka, Kazuna Minei, Hana Yamamoto
  [2022 Ensemble Contest (video review) Grand Prize Group] from
   Division A: KJO (Kagawa Junior Philharmonic Orchestra) Flute Part Udon Trio
   Division B: Gerani
  YU Yuan Recital
  Yuki Koyama Recital
  National Flute Orchestra (General participants can also watch. 500 yen)
  Jean-Louis Beaumadier (Picc) Recital
  Flute Live   Shigenori Kudo, Yuya Kanda, Maho Kajikawa, Toyomitsu Yamauchi, Kimihiko Akiyama,
          Ryo Iijima, Mayori Fujita, Hiroki Nakayama, Ayako Maeda, Anna Yoshida,
          Misato Takimoto, Akane Nishioka, Miho Shirato, Pf. Marika Nagasaki
  Taiwan Festival Flute Ensemble
  International Super Flutes Collective Concert
・Final concert on August 20
   Benoit Fromanger Conducts the Teatro Giulio Showa Orchestra
   Solo performances by Shigenori Kudo, YU Yuan, Yuki Koyama, Seiya Ueno and others
   The final concert is open to general participants as well. (4,000 yen)

■Master Classes
Noted musicians and professors will listen to the participants’ performances and offer advice and guidance.
Pre-application is required to attend a master class. These are public courses, and free auditing is allowed.
Scheduled classes:
 Benoit Fromanger
 Carla Rees, Alto Flute
 J.L. Beaumadier, Piccolo
 Yuki Koyama
 Shigenori Kudo
 Seiya Ueno

 ・Jazz Workshop (Interactive event) Japan Jazz Flute Big Band
 ・History and Performance of Ryukyu Flute (Interactive event)
 ・Baroque Dance & Early Music Ensemble (Experiential)

 ・Public Lecture by Masahiro Arida
 ・Flute Seminar for Elementary, Middle, High School Students and Seniors (Private)
 ・Messages from the Legends
   ~Individuals who Supported the Dawn of the Flute Association~
 ・Musicians and Nutrition

■Exhibition Booths & Showcases
The convention features a program freely planned by participating exhibitors and sponsors. This includes concerts and lectures.
 ・Instrument exhibition and trial performances by domestic and international manufacturers.