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  • <<Dates>>
    • Preliminary Round:  Thursday 17th of August, 10:00
    • 本 選 8月19日(土)       13:00
  • <<Application Period>>
    • Saturday 1st of April – Thursday 15th of June
  • <<Jury Panel>>
    • The jury panel mainly consists of the directors and representative of Japan Flutists Association.
    • Jury Chairperson: Mieko Yoshioka
    • Taro Otomo, Harue Sugai, Susumu Takahisa, Hidenori Takebayashi, Kazuo Tachikawa, Takanori Yamane
    • Carla Rees (Only for the final)
  • <<Official Accompanist>>
    • Tomoya Okamoto, Eri Shirao
  • <<Prizes>>
    • First prize:  A certificate of merit and 300,000 yen
    • Second prize: A certificate of merit and 200,000 yen 
    • Third prize:  A certificate of merit and 100,000 yen 
    • Other finalists: A certificate of merit 
      • The top prize winner(s) will be offered an opportunity to play in a concert held during the next convention 
  • <<Number of Contestants>>
    • First 40 in order of application. It will be closed and announced on the JFA’s website when the number of applicants reaches the number.
    • First-come, first-served definition will be based on the order in which payment of the registration fee is received. Please understand.
  • <<How to apply>>
    • Application is accepted online only through the website of Japan Flutitsts Association
    • Apply for both the competition and participation for the whole period of the convention.
  • <<Repertoire>>
    • < Preliminary Round >
      • Play the following two pieces in the order you like:
      • A.Piazzolla :
        • No. 3 and No. 4 from Tango-Etudes pour Flûte seule
          “For the Tango Etude, there is no need for transposition; please perform it as written in the sheet music (four degrees lower than the original key).”
    • < Final >
      • Play the following two pieces in the order you like:
      • (1) M.Mower:A Night in Greenwich
      • (2) R.Schumann : Fantasiestücke Op.73 für Klavier und Klarinette
         (Download the music score for the alto flute from the JFA’s website to play
         with all the repeats in the 2nd and 3rd pieces.)
      • 1st
      • 2nd
      • 3rd