Video 1st Preliminary Round (Solo Piccolo Division)
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The first round of qualifying for the Solo Piccolo Division is a video screening.

The first round of the competition for the following categories will be judged online via video.
  ▶ Solo Section
  ▶ Piccolo Section

  • Required piece
    • Solo Section
    •  P.Jeanjean: Études modernes pour flûte No.1 or No.3
    • Piccolo Section
    •  J.S.Bach: Allemande and Bourrée anglaise from Partita a-moll BWV1013 (both without repeat)
  • Video Screening Notes
    • Video recordings must be uninterrupted, simultaneous recordings of image and sound by a single camera.
    • An external microphone or mixer may be used for audio.
    • Do not edit the video (image and sound). Cutting and pasting of videos is also prohibited.
    • There are no restrictions on recording equipment.
    • Images must be recorded with an angle of view that includes the performer’s upper body (full body is also acceptable), face, mouth, and the entire instrument.
    • The angle of view should be set so that the performer does not move off the screen during the performance.
    • The video must be recorded for this competition. Videos that have already been made public will not be considered.
    • If the jury determines that the video has been edited and does not meet the above requirements, it will not be considered for judging.
  • How to Submit a Video
    • The video will be submitted through an online submission via the internet. Please note that submissions through DVD or USB memory will not be accepted.
    • If submitting through Youtube:
      • Upload the video to the performer’s Youtube channel as “Unlisted” and obtain the URL.
      • Include the obtained URL in the URL field on the contest application page and submit it.
      • Please be aware that if the submitted video link cannot be viewed from the submitted video link, the contest application will not be accepted.
      • If the submitted video status is changed from “Unlisted” to another status, it will not be considered in the evaluation.
    • If you are unable to use Youtube and need to use a file transfer service, please include this in the comments section and contact the contest office after submitting your application.
    • Here are some representative file transfer services:
      • WeTransfer: A cloud-based service that allows you to send up to 2GB of files at once.
      • Google Drive: Google’s cloud storage service, which you can use for free up to 15GB if you have a Google account.
      • Dropbox: A cloud storage service that you can use for free up to 2GB with the free version.
      • Microsoft OneDrive: Microsoft’s cloud storage service, which you can use for free up to 5GB with the free version.
    • If you are applying for video review using a file transfer service, please note that sending and receiving files will take some time, so please apply as soon as possible.
    • At the latest, send your application by May 12 and communicate with the association about the file transfer method.